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In a study conducted by the U.S. Department of Commerce, they found that internal theft is 15 times more likely to occur than external theft . Theft is only one of the major concerns that an employer faces as they hire new employees . Annually, companies lose Billions of dollars to theft, substance abuse, fraud, and poor performing employees.

To avoid these pitfalls you need an employment screener that uses the latest technology to provide rapid and reliable results. At B4 Screening we combine innovative technology with industry experience to provide employers the data they need to make educated hiring decisions.

Our Technology

B4 Screening understands that all aspects of pre-employment screening are vital to the candidate selection process. Our technology...
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Screening Services

Pre-Employment screening is different for every employer . Our customizable packages will allow employers to find the data that is needed to make educated hiring decisions...
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XML Integration

Security is the most important part of handling information for our Clients . B4 Screening employs several layers of security to ensure that all information is safe and secure...
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