About Us

In today's society , knowing who is handling your assets, interacting with your clients, and becoming vital members of your team is instrumental in the success and growth of your organization .

We are armed with a full array of resources to deliver an overall picture of your workforce. These insights into a person's past through criminal background, motor vehicle records, education and employment verification, drug screening, and the many other tools we have at our fingertips are critical to knowing who you have representing your company, name, and vision.

Our industry experience allows us to know the difference in quality tools and resources versus less reliable avenues of pre employment screening and employment background check research.

B4 Screening takes its diligence very seriously. As a team we are committed to the integrity of our services and the choice of our resources. We are passionate about completely tailored services based on our clients' needs and wants. We are driven by our excitement for growing technology to introduce a faster, more streamline way of gaining these valuable time sensitive services.