Who should utilize B4 Screening's services ?

Businesses with one employee to fortune 500 companies can manage their employment risks through pre-employment screening. Hiring someone into your business brings an inherent risk by opening you, your current employees, and your customers to someone that may not have been when you hired them.

How do I know the results are accurate?

Any returned results are inspected by our experienced staff for validity before the reports are returned to our clients. B4 Screening follows a strict review process before reporting any potentially adverse information.

How are background checks conducted?

Once B4 Screening has a signed user agreement on file you are able to conduct searches. Every search requested must have a signed release form or online release from the individual being screened. Searches may be ordered through our web ordering system, by fax, or over the phone.

What is the timeframe to expect to receive results?

Generally, cases are returned to our clients in 24-72 hours. Occasionally a county may have delayed results which can take longer. In the case of a delay, B4 Screening's client services team will notify you with the reason for delay and when to expect results.

Is the information I receive up-to-date?

B4 Screening gathers information directly from the Source when you request it. This allows us to provide you with the most current data available. We do not use a static database of information to return results. By retrieving results from the source we are able to ensure that you receive the most reliable information every time.

If I am looking for a search not listed on your website, can you help me?

B4 Screening is adding additional services all of the time. If you have any special information requests B4 Screening will add that information provider or find a provider that can offer you the same information.

How do I know what services I need?

Every employer has different needs that have to be met. B4 Screening does not believe that there is a uniform solution for every employer. B4 Screening will do a full consultation with every client to inspect their screening needs and ensure that the client is provided with the most valuable information to make and educated hiring decision.

Why can't I just use an online search engine?

While some information can be found through online search engines, not all pertinent information is available through public websites. Most information, such as, credit report, criminal history, employment verification, and driving history are not available without a signed authorization. B4 Screening services provide all of the information you need minimize your risk while making a hiring decision.

Why should I conduct more than one type of criminal search?

All Criminal record information can be found in one place. The more sources that you search the higher quality results you will return. This is the best way to reduce your risk and educate yourself before any hiring decisions are made.

What information must I provide to receive an accurate Criminal Search?

Most courts file records by Date of Birth and Name, while some courts have search tools that utilize Social Security Number. In order to return accurate results it is imperative that we receive correct Name, Date of Birth, and Social Security Number.