Our Technology

Speed and Security are the Cornerstones of A Well Optimized Employment Background Check .

B4 Screening understands that all aspects of pre-employment screening are vital to the candidate selection process . Our technology allows clients to access this intricate data as quickly and seamlessly as possible while maintaining industry leading security.


The first step to speeding up the employment screening process is providing a familiar and easy to use web based interface. The interface follows an easy to understand order selection system that can be customized to meet your background screening needs . The real-time online order entry system allows for instant order placement and avoids time loss by avoiding fax and data entry lags.

Our remote applicant data entry capabilities allow your prospective employees to input necessary data from any remote location, at any time, so that time is not spent by your staff on data entry. These seamless online steps decrease report turnaround times and allow you to focus on other tasks.

After the initial order has been placed and the applicant has provided all of the necessary data, report status can be checked through a web browser 24 hours a day. This provides our clients with the ability to manage or check report status of applicant reports from any location at their convenience.

Clients are notified, via email, of report completion to enable the fastest turnaround time possible. These notifications allow our clients to manage their reports on their schedule.

  • Online Order Placement
  • Remote Applicant Data Entry
  • Online Report Status Available 24/7
  • Email Notification Upon Report Completion


The second piece of our technology advantage is the security with which all information is handled. We employ several layers of security to ensure that all client and applicant information is secure.

The first step to maintaining security is a password client authentication system. This authentication process requires all client users to maintain a client ID and password to access data. Clients are able to choose which of their employees have access to applicant records to ensure that they are only accessing the records they need.

The next layer of security that provided is 128-bit Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol encryption. This SSL technology is the same technology that the financial industry uses to keep personal information secure. Security is the first priority of all of client information.

The final layer of security is in restricted, 24/7 monitored, off-site data storage. All of the records that are obtained are stored on real-time, fail over redundant, mirrored hard drives. These hard drives have nightly scheduled backups with archives removed weekly and stored in an additional offsite location to ensure additional redundancy. These servers are protected by firewalls, intrusion detection, and filtering routers to reject unauthorized or suspicious traffic.

This layered security approach allows clients to know that all steps have been taken to maintain the safety and security of their data.

  • Password Client Authentication
  • 128-Bit SSL Protocol Encryption
  • 24/7 Monitored Off-Site Data Storage
  • Firewalls, Intrusion Detection, and Filtering Router Protection