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B4 Screening Advantages

Make Your Hiring, Marketing, and Compliance Processes Easy and More Secure

Is Your HR Process Up-to-Date?

The traditional human resource approach is neither cost nor time effective. When you’re operating a business in today’s market running your HR processes with yesterday’s toolkit no longer works. Coordinating with half a dozen different companies to get all the employment background checks and tests you need is a time drain. Using paper forms and filling up cabinet file after cabinet file is inefficient. Maximizing organization and efficiency using the latest technology-driven systems is the only way to thrive into today’s high employee turnover environment.

Your HR Solution

B4 Screening has been helping companies streamline and update their HR process for over 10 years. Every client gets a customized account to meet their unique needs and workflow. We do every step of the hiring process start to finish. We expedite your hiring process and manage your account with proprietary software the allows you to see everything you need through a secure and easy to use online account. We give you the freedom to put more time into building your business and less time running your business.

How We Make Your Life Easier

Superior Service – Talk to a real person who manages your account at any time. No more tickets and waiting 24-48 hours for answers.

One Stop Shop – Work with one company that handles all of your HR and marketing needs and delivers a personalized custom account management based service.

Marketing – Weekly social media campaigns, postings to over 1,300 different job sites, geo sensing, site retargeting, and hot lead generating.

Digital Applications – Eliminate paper, the need for physical storage, get organized, and receive applications in real time.

Background Checks – Get every kind of background check you need handled by one agency. Expedite your checks and have them automatically uploaded into employee digital files for easy access.

Drug Screenings - Expedite the drug screening process for your current and prospective employees.

Employee Verification – Make sure your candidates’ references and credentials are 100% legit.

Applicant Tracking - Stay audit ready and in compliance. We make sure every employee profile is up-to-date and easy to access.

Digital Onboarding - Eliminate the need for copying, scanning, and organizing dozens of papers. Keep everything organized and in one easy to access employee digital profile.

Secured Digital Account - Create more office space by getting rid of your outdated file cabinets. Everything you need is in a secure and easy to navigate digital account.

  • Complete credit checks on potential hires today!

    Complete credit checks on potential hires today!

  • Hire us to complete pre-employment background checks on your job applicants! Call (844) 200 - 7249

    Hire us to complete pre-employment background checks on your job applicants! Call (844) 200 - 7249

About Us

B4 Screening is a reputable pre-employment screening and background check company. We help employers around the nation hire honest and responsible employees. With over 14 years of industry experience, we can conduct many types of screens on any job applicant. Our team makes sure we provide our clients with rapid and reliable results. This way, you can add the best candidates to your workforce.

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