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About B4 Screening

Our mission is to provide the tools, systems, and customer service necessary to ensure success for every one of our clients. Our years of experience in the industry has positioned us to serve our clients in the most affordable and effective way possible. From start to finish we handle everything a large HR department does and more.

Customer Service First

When you work with us you get a company that always puts you first. We’re able to achieve outstanding customer service by doing a few things the right way, and doing them consistently for every client. It starts with communication. When you call us you always talk to a real person. The live person will be able to pull up your account in real time and answer any question you have in real time. No submitting tickets and waiting 24-48 hours for an email reply.

Customized Solutions

We adapt to your flow. Every company has different steps and timelines they prefer to follow in their processes. We learn what your current processes are, what frustrates you, and offer custom solutions. If you need us to handle every aspect from marketing all the way through applicant tracking, we do that. If you just need us to take care of your background checks, we can accommodate that. Whatever your context is, we develop solutions that are designed to save you time, money, and eliminate your current frustrations.

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Making the Change is Easy

All change seems daunting at first. We understand and make it easy to switch your system to one that’s going to eliminate your frustrations. We work with all kinds of companies from the trucking industry to the medical industry and more. When you work with us you get somebody who understands your world to walk you step by step through the process in an easy to understand way. Once your account is set up and running you will instantly experience the benefits, and will be able to start focusing on tasks that call for your expertise and make your business more profitable.

Innovative Technology

Speed, accuracy, and security are the cornerstones of our technology systems. We use proprietary software that allows you to access data as quickly and seamlessly possible while maintaining industry-leading security. You will have your own easy to navigate web-based portal to access everything you need in a matter of seconds. The software we use can be customized to meet your workflow processes. The real-time, online order entry system allows for instant order placement helping you avoid time loss by faxing and data entry.

Remote applicant data entry allows your prospective employees to in necessary data from any remote location, at any moment. The streamlined online interface decreases report turnaround times and allows you to focus on other important tasks. Report statuses can be checked 24 hours a day, and push notifications will alert you when updates arrive.



Security is paramount in our industry. We employ several layers of security to ensure all client and applicant information is secure. A password-protected client authentication system is the first layer of security. The authentication process requires all users to maintain a client ID and password to access data. Once your account is set-up you can choose which of your employees has access to applicant records to ensure they’re only accessing relevant records.

The next layer of security is provided by a 128-bit secure socket layer (SSL) protocol encryption. This SSL technology is the same technology used in the financial industry to keep sensitive information safe.

The final layer of security is in a restricted 24/7-monitored off-site data storage. All records are obtained and stored in real-time and mirrored on hard drives. The hard drives have nightly scheduled backups with archives removed weekly and stored in an additional off-site location to ensure system reliability. The servers are protected by firewalls, intrusion detection, and filtering routers to reject unauthorized suspicious traffic. Our layered security approach allows clients to always feel secure knowing all possible steps have been taken to maintain the safety and security of their data.