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In-Depth Employee Background Checks and Searches

Let B4 Screening help you find out if applicants are a right match for your organization. We know you want to hire employees who will represent your company professionally. Our team has the ability to conduct all types of background checks and searches for you. Read more about them below:

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Criminal Records

Identifying the criminal history of your applicant is easy with our help. When you turn to us, you can have our team perform a thorough, pre-employment background check on any job candidate. This information will empower your organization to manage risks during the hiring process. Results from a criminal records search can show history ranging from violence to irresponsibility, all of which can raise your risk as an employer. We will review:

  • Sex Offender Registry
  • County, State, National, and Federal Criminal Records
  • Civil Records

Identity and Credit Checks

Verify your applicant's residential history, personal responsibility, and identity by having us complete a records search. By confirming this data, you find out about their right-to-work status in this country. Additionally, we will review their pre-employment credit report and bankruptcy records for you. Our experts can conduct a homeland and social security trace on an applicant as well.

Driver's Records

If your corporation requires employees to operate company or personal vehicles for business, let us review their motor vehicle records for you. You'll be able to find out if they are responsible drivers. The records that we'll review are available from all states and Washington, D.C. They include all violations and citations an applicant has received, as well as the state of their license. We will check the following records:

  • Motor Vehicle
  • National Driver's Registry
  • Department of Transportation Driver's
  • Commercial Driver's License

Reference and Credentialing

The Wall Street Journal reports that 34% of job applications contain invalid information in regards to education, experience, and the ability to perform specific job functions. Our service enables you to validate information related to education and qualifications, such as:

  • Previous Employment
  • Education Credentials
  • Professional Licenses
  • Military Service
  • Workers Compensation Claims
  • Reference Interviews

Substance Abuse Screening

As of 2005, the US Department of Labor states that 74.8% of illicit drug users age 18 or older were employed either as a full- or part-time employee. Pre-employment substance abuse screening allows an employer to deter substance abuse problems and health care costs before an applicant becomes an employee.

When we screen your applicants, any results that return positive will be interpreted by a board-certified medical review officer. All US Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations and guidelines will be upheld. Lastly, all specimens will be reviewed for signs of manipulation.