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In-Depth Employee Background Checks and Searches

Let B4 Screening help you advertise your open positions, manage your onboarding and application process, as well as find out if applicants are a right match for your organization. We know you want to hire employees who will represent your company professionally. Our team has the ability to conduct all types of background checks and searches for you. Read more about them below:


Getting the right employees starts with the right kind of marketing. Your marketing plan should be specific and targeted for your industry. We work with you to understand your ideal employee. We design and carry out a strategic marketing campaign to attract the best applicants and leads for your business.

  • · Weekly Social Media Postings
  • · Geofencing – Location-based digital marketing
  • · ReTargeting – Keeps your brand in front of online prospects
  • · Job Postings – Posts to over 1300 job sites

Digital Applications

Digitizing your applications is a must for modern HR management. Digitized applications save you space, time, and keep you organized. Digital applications can be accessed any time from any of your electronic devices dramatically increasing the efficiency of your hiring process. If you’re away from the office but need to review applications, you can do so in a matter of seconds.

  • · Review applications as they’re submitted in real time
  • · Eliminated wasted space
  • · Save time and stay organized
  • · Keep applications in a secured system

Pre Employment Screening & Background Checks

You’ve found some strong applicants and now you’re checking backgrounds. This process is often times a huge bottleneck for companies. The waiting game can really hurt your bottom line. There’s no need to work with five different companies who are operating at five different speeds. We can handle all of your different background checks and expedite the process better than any company. Results are automatically uploaded to applicant profiles in real time.

  • · Sex Offender Registry
  • · Criminal Records - County, State, National, and Federal
  • · Civil Records
  • · Right-to-work status
  • · Credit Reports
  • · Bankruptcy Records
  • · Driving Records – Motor vehicle, National Driver’s Registry, DOT, Commercial

Drug Screening

The United States Department of Labor reported that one small plumbing company in Washington, D.C., the Warner Corporation, saved $385,000 in one year by establishing a drug-free workplace that included drug screenings. The company attributed the savings to a decrease in the number of accidents, which resulted in lower workers’ compensation costs and lower vehicle insurance premiums. We coordinate drug screenings for your employees and applicants wherever they are. Results are uploaded to their profiles in real time.

  • · Positive results interpreted by a board-certified medical review officer
  • · All US DOT regulations and guidelines will be upheld
  • · All specimens are reviewed for signs of manipulation

Employment Verifications

The Wall Street Journal reports that 34% of job applications contain invalid information in regards to education, experience, and the ability to perform specific job functions. Employment verification is a critical step to ensure applicants are qualified and competent to perform the job. It also is an efficient way to weed out dishonest employees before they end up on your payroll. We take care of every aspect of employment verification. Results are uploaded in real time to the applicant profile.

  • · Previous Employment
  • · Education Credentials
  • · Professional Licenses
  • · Military Service
  • · Worker Compensation Claims
  • · Reference Interviews

Digital Onboarding

Getting new employees up to speed so they can perform their best is a big part of onboarding success. The onboarding phase plays a key role in shaping the attitudes of your employees towards your company. Gone are the days of classroom inductions and 2-3 day onboarding processes. Today you must engage new hires even before they join the company. The cross-location of hires combined with mobile, online and social presence, makes digital onboarding the most effective, efficient, and cost-effective onboarding method.

  • · Take care of all onboarding paperwork before day one
  • · Share e-employee handbooks
  • · Set up e-learning modules
  • · Share videos explaining company culture and expectations
  • · Connect new hires to external and internal social channels
  • · Track important employee metrics
  • · Generated data helps improve and refine your processes

Applicant Tracking

When you’re receiving hundreds of resumes for a job opening organization is crucial. Our applicant tracking systems keep all of the incoming resumes in one place keeping your organized and in compliance. Our software streamlines and automatizes the recruitment process for you.

  • · Find the Right Candidate
  • · Easily Accessible
  • · Increases Social Reach
  • · Builds You an Updated Talent Database
  • · Cost and Time Efficient
  • · Refines Your Employment Metrics
  • · Automates Communication